Our Accomplishments


Successfully transitioned leadership to new superintendent, including appointing a well-respected interim superintendent to guide the district through its transition.

Conducted one of the most open and public superintendent search process with significant input from community members.

Board Culture

Created a board culture that is respectful, collaborative and focused on increasing student achievement and the district’s overall performance.

Student Input

Elevated student voice in collaboration with the Student Engagement & Advisory Board, including providing two non-voting seats at all board meetings and adopting proposed policies, such as changing graduation attire to reflect cultural heritage.


Approved and funded the most significant overhaul of SPPS facilities over the next 10 years in the district’s history that have resulted in significant improvements to our schools to support student learning and success.


Led the reinstatement of the Budget & Finance Advisory Committee to increase public input and transparency in the budgeting process.

Approved structurally balanced budgets without resorting to financial gimmicks or draw down of the district’s fund balance.

Settled labor contracts with all bargaining units within budget parameters, established principles for transparent bargaining and became the first municipal entity in Ramsey County to guarantee a $15/hour wage for all employees starting in 2020.

In collaboration with labor and community partners, successfully passed, by an historic 2-1 margin, a new operating levy in November 2018 that will result in over $17 million in additional funding to the district

Strategic Plan

Guided the development of the district’s new strategic plan, which is focused on meeting 6 long term objectives, including reduced disparities in achievement, increased college & career readiness, and improved school climate.

Worked in collaboration with members of St. Paul’s southeast Asian community to push for expanded busing for Hmong dual language immersion and involvement in the implementation of the SPPS Achieves strategic plan.

Learning Environment

Led the Board to decide, after nearly four years, to change school start times for secondary schools, starting in September 2019, to better align with sleep research and improve student well-being.

Initially as part of the 2017 contract with SPFT, funded efforts to seed restorative practices pilots throughout the district in an effort to change district culture and move towards safe and welcoming learning environments, as well as reduced disciplinary disparities.


In response to student concerns, pushed for changes in the district’s contract with the SPPD for school resource that resulted in more data collection, clarity on roles and responsibilities and increased training and accountability.