The Work Ahead of Us

Educational equity & Public Accountability

Provide public accountability as the district implements SPPS Achieves, including assessing district performance towards short and long term goals, as well as providing financial resources and support as work proceeds. The district must deliver on its promise to address systemic inequities based on race and ethnicity.

Strenghten Connections

Work with community leadership, families, staff, bargaining units and other local elected officials including strengthening connections throughout the city in communities of color, to leverage time, talent and effort in support of the district’s strategic plan. Everyone has a role to play in building the schools our students need and deserve. This is NOT a spectator sport.

Financial Health

In collaboration with state leadership, work to stabilize the district’s financial health by advocating for structural changes to the state general fund formula, including indexing to inflation, as well as elimination of the special education and ELL cross subsidies. Our state MUST make good on the constitutional mandate to establish a thorough and efficient system of public education by providing full and equitable funding to meet that goal.


Focus on strengthening the Board’s own governance structures, including improving community engagement and professional support for the Board’s work